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Broadcast LIVE on the World Wide Internet

  • Church Service/Ministry
  • Shut Ins/Hospital/Away from Home
  • Concerts, Events - live or archived play on demand
  • Meetings, Town Halls - live or archived
  • Closed Circuit Employee Meetings
  • Training - Live or Archived
  • Closed Circuit Background Music/Audio
  • Campus or School Radio Station
  • Educational Classes
  • Special Events and Speakers
  • Temporary or Permament
  • Home or Away sports events
  • Closed Circuit Audio or Video Surveillance
  • Meeting and Team Interactive software
  • Association Information
  • Easy set up remote broadcasts
  • Multiple locations via the Internet

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While we sell domain names, so do hundreds of other enterprises. We sell domain names and other web products primarily because our customers need them and we provide turnkey solutions. Our strength is in the time and advice we provide - and we have delivered solutions for many orgaizations, from governor level political campaigns to small business to not for profits. And we take the time to listen. Whether its a music licensing issue, integration with terrestrial broadcasting, target marketing .. just about any kind of organization ... we can help. Contact us for a no obligation review today.

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BluejeansFM supports songwriters, composers and musicians -
Music is their livelihood and most of them are not famous and rich

Many people set up their own music servers, or play music on a PA system in a public establishment, or want to get into the business of selling recordings or use music beds in production, movies and video. Sooner or later they very likely will be contacted by a licensing management company. For the most part, the popular music we all like is covered by licensing agreements. Playing the music in public involves using materials which belong to the artist, performer and even the CD or media used to fix the music in a medium for later reproduction. The major companies operating in the United States include ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and Sound Exchange. This is a complex business. In addition to where you are, the location of your audience can figure into the equation.

There are multiple music licensing organizations in the US and more abroad. An artist who does not want to continue as an independent or "Indie" wil contract for the purpose of collecting royalties on public performances. Internet Broadcasting is covered and the songs or music or other types of intellectual or copyrighted property played must be reported and royalties paid. These reports are used to distribute royalties collected to the artists and performers. Purchase of individual licenses can get quite expensive. The good news is that small broadcasters may be able to "co-op" part of this cost.

BluejeansFM has been able to build a relationship with StreamLicensing LLC that will allow small broadcasters to participate provided that the broadcaster can follow defined rules including specific requirements on Meta Information (Artist, Title) and even rotation of artists and titles. This covers broadcasters in the US. We also can provide licensing arrangements with foreign entities such as in Ireland, the UK and the EU. This is a constantly changing field and we work hard to accomplish continued compliance. We encourage you to take this requirement seriously. Both here in the US and abroad we have seen numerous instances of enforcement actions that could have been avoided. As more and more music is transmitted over the net there is more and more incentive to enforce the intellectual property of artists. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Religious music, non profits, charitable organizations, schools .... licensing applies to all. If this is a viable solution for your needs we will work to ensure that your infrastructure is acceptable to StreamLicensing. BluejeansFM supports the rights of artists and performers to be fairly compensated for the use of their work.

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How it works ... what you need
It's on the net, but it's more than a webserver

Some organizations use the Internet for private sound or video transmission. This is less expensive than dedicated phone conections or satellite uplinks and the Internet is worldwide. Other uses include public broadcasting, netcasting; sometimes referred to a streaming media - audio, video or both. In these cases there is typically a webserver which is used to initiate the contact and exchange information and which then hands off the listener to the streaming server for content delivery. Webpages also can include custom players which provide the content without the listener leaving the page. Content can include additional information such as title, artist, images or custom mechanisms such as "on demand" and even automated requests.

Who is listening?

Both the webserver and the streaming server keep detailed statistics which are useful for analysis of listening patterns and to support music licensing requirements. Because the stream is available on the public internet, music and other intellectual property should be covered by necessary licensing. Use of unlicensed media can result in legal action to collect damages and the calculation is on a per use method which can be quite expensive. Streaming servers play the song immediately - as though you turned on a radio. If you upload a music file to a webserver it may play as though it were streaming, but then again it may download first. Streaming allows for buffering so that intermittent drop outs do not result in breaks in the audio.

Audio/Video Quality

Streaming servers are available in a variety of audio quality rates and media types. Some can reproduce audio that exceeds CD qualty. Others stream a much lower quality which works with lower bandwidth - even dial up - connections. We can analyze what will meet your needs. BluejeansFM streams multiple rates so that you can try them out. We have listeners in some really remote locations and while your immediate target audience may be local, not all of them have cable or DSL.

Media - Playlist

Audio and Video must be encoded and should be of uniform quality. Volumes that vary will drive listeners away. Information such as Title and Artist must be included so that the server can compile a licensing report. Radio stations use complex audio processing equipment not yet in common use by Internet broadcasters. Preparation is the key. We can provide you with the necessary software and even convert your library if necessary. If you create a service that allows you to provide custom background for you stores it is important that audio levels and quality are managed. A loud spike is distracting and the volume control may not be immediately available.

Web Design

Your web designer may have a theme applied across your web presence, or you do not have a web presence, or you have a solution that is somewhere inbetween. Aside from the imagery we believe that it is important to deliver a web presence that pays well across different browsers, is compatible with current Web Consortuim Standards so that all can see it, and incorporates secure technology which is especially important if your site processes credit cards or captures personally identifying information. BluejeansFM is sponsored by, which provides everything you need to construct a web presence that will support your plan, whether it is customized email and email marketing blogs, credit card processing, servers, statistics and analyis and whether you are just starting or have been at it for years provides solutions that meet your needs. We are not locked into only one supplier. Over the years of operation we have developed a network of business relationships and have multiple offerings from which to choose so that your needs are met by the best Systems Integration available.

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